Unwind After a Long Day of Work

Relax at a local bar in Ewing Township, NJ

Who doesn't love a nice glass of wine with dinner? Erini Restaurant is more than just a restaurant. We're also a local bar in Ewing Township, NJ. We have a full bar and a bar menu, so you can enjoy a light meal while you sip on our delicious cocktails. Feel free to view our menu and beer list today.

What sets our bar apart?

What sets our bar apart?

Does every local bar feel the same to you? Why not shake things up by trying a new location?

We strive to give all of our customers a unique experience, which is why we have:

  • A Tiki bar
  • Signature cocktails
  • Festive seasonal drinks
  • Indoor and outdoor seating

Our outdoor bar is open from mid-April through mid-October. If you have any questions about our Tiki bar or bar menu, call us right away at 609-882-0303.